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Wine pourer with ventilation



when opening wine bottles, do it in style. Coating test aluminum housing. Modern design and easy handling!

here to the product



the product quality is excellent. I immediately ordered another set for my girlfriend.

Luisa F

am very satisfied. Would like to order again.

martin s

Unfortunately, a product was damaged in transit. However, the support took care of it immediately and sent me a new product.

Kai K

was a bit skeptical at first. But works perfectly. Very cool!

Sabrina G

The gift packaging is very high quality, my loved ones will definitely be happy. Kind regards

Alina M

I can only recommend to everyone. it's also a lot of fun!! :)

Joel I

stainless steel

Premium gift set

in elegant gift packaging. Ideal for giving away.

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Of course. Revocation you will see all provisions. The goods can be returned to us within 14 days.

No problem. Please contact us immediately. We try to solve the problem as quickly as possible and will send you a new product as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions about Wine Opener

in terms of functionality both devices are identical. They differ in processing and materials her. The premium openers are made of stainless steel or aluminium, while the Midnight Set is made of plastic.

Normally, the electric corkscrews create a full charge about 50-60 bottles. If you haven't used the device for a long time and the battery level is low, all devices have a quick charge function. Depending on the model, 1-5 bottles can be opened with these (with approx. 90 seconds loading time)

No. Unfortunately not. Please use your conventional power pack from your smartphone etc. The cables are compatible with all commercial power packs .


On the top of the wine opener there is a battery indicator, that shows how much energy is left. The buttons are made of plastic and are comfortable to use.

All wine openers come with a charging cable . The premium model already comes with USB-C. All other openers have a regular Micro-USB connector.

To see in which direction the metal spiral is turning, all wine openers have an integrated LED lighting. For your safety the spiral is protected.

by a plastic casing

Slim housing and smart handling, for comfortable operation. Easy to change insert for thorough cleaning.